Hourly Rates

Most service calls that require troubleshooting, hardware testing, tutorials, setups, upgrades, or various repairs will be performed at an hourly rate. Our rate is based on whether you choose On-Site, In-Shop, or Remote Assistance. Please call for details.

Package Deals

These prices are in-shop rates for
one single computer or workstation

We do a thorough and exhaustive removal of all viruses, malware, adware and spyware. We also invoke our special blend of security software to help you STAY virus free.

Our tune-ups are no joke: We guarantee to make any slow computer blazing fast again! We clean dust from your entire system, remove unwanted programs, disable unnecessary running processes, defrag the hard drive, maximize your memory and page file, run software updates, check hard drive errors, replace your anti-virus software and increase your boot times.

OUR MOST POPULAR SERVICE: Computers that are running slow typically need both virus removal AND a tune-up. They seem to go hand-in-hand on machines that have been in service for more than a year. We guarantee that you will be amazed at the performance boost and stability.

Sometimes the best solution is starting fresh. We can format your hard drive and re-install any version of Windows for you! You must have the license key available, either from the original disk or the sticker on your computer itself. We will include device driver installation and Windows updates. Third party program installation and data transfer is extra. If you need a new retail version of the Windows operating system, please call for pricing.

We will perform a one-time backup of your data to a DVD disk. Maximum of 4.7 gigabytes.

Backup of your data to an external hard drive provided by you. For data exceeding 200 Gb, please request a custom quote.

Best value! We will compile a list of your critical data, install automated software, and provide a 500 Gb external hard drive for you. Once installation is complete, everything runs in the background and puts your important files on the external drive. You never have to touch a single button! Just sit back and relax, knowing your data is being backed up every day without any user interaction.

This full-featured solution includes automated backup, a 500 Gb external hard drive, backup software, and a cloud service. Not only is your data automatically stored on a local hard drive, it’s also synchronized to an internet server. This allows you to access your files from any computer in the world, and it insures that your data is off-site and safe from floods and fires.

We will provide and install a wireless router, connect all home computers to the network, configure WiFi, and setup strong security settings. Your computers will all communicate with each other for easy file transfer and all your laptops, smart phones and media players will be online! Includes up to 4 devices/computers and assumes that you have an existing internet connection.

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