Multi-Tasking Made Easier

Think for a moment about how many tasks you perform on your computer each day: Email, Facebook, Word Documents, Pandora, photo editing, YouTube, web surfing, phew! Although we rarely do all these things at once, we are typically running at least a few of them simultaneously. And your screen can sometimes become a confusing mess of tabs, windows, folders, and screens. What to do?

OPTION ONE: FLANK YOUR OPEN WINDOWS. Toggling between open windows gets cumbersome after awhile, yes? And resizing/juggling/moving windows around can drive you crazy in seconds. Here’s a quick fix for that:

In Windows Vista/7, grab your window by clicking and holding the solid-colored bar at the top and then “fling” it to the left side of your screen. BOOM–the window re-sizes itself to take up exactly one-half of the screen. Now “fling” another window to the right hand side. Voila! You now have two windows perfectly nestled next to each other. This is great for drag/drop or cut/paste situations, or if you want Firefox on the left and your photos on the right.

If you want more than two windows to be flanked or stacked, try this: Right-click on your taskbar (the solid colored bar at the bottom of your screen) and choose either “Show Windows Stacked” or “Show Windows Side By Side”. Whammo, your windows are perfectly oriented for multi-tasking whoopee.

Windows XP users can do the same as above, but the options are named slightly different.

OPTION TWO: GET DUAL MONITORS. What was once expensive is now relatively affordable. All you need is a secondary monitor and a capable graphics card in your PC. Dual monitors allow you to keep an eye on your email while checking your stock quotes. If you’re reviewing a proposal, you can view the rough draft on one monitor and your new, updated version on the other. How about watching the news in the morning while reading the latest headlines? Or think about having a program open on one screen and it’s owner’s manual on the other: Perfect.

For basic dual monitor walk-through, check this article

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Happy Computin’!

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