Where’s My Menu?

Many new programs and folders within Windows 7 no longer contain the traditional menus at the top. FILE, EDIT, VIEW, TOOLS… they’re typically hidden to keep the interface clean and simple. This has made some folks very happy and some folks very upset; either way, it’s easy to restore. Here’s how:

Simply press the “ALT” key on your keyboard, and the menus will appear. After you’re finished using the menus, they will go back into hiding.

If you prefer the menus to stay visible full-time, there are a couple of ways to fix that.

GENERAL PROGRAMS: Once you’ve clicked the “VIEW” menu, there are usually options within that pull-down column that toggle the menus to stay on or stay off. It varies by program, but it’s usually an option somewhere in that context.

FOLDERS: to force Windows 7 folders to always display menus, just open any folder and press the “ALT” button as described above, and your menu appears. Then choose TOOLS>FOLDER OPTIONS. Select the VIEW tab. Within the ADVANCED SETTINGS window, tick the “Always Show Menus” box. Click APPLY>OK.

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