Anti-Virus Software


There’s no doubt:  everyone needs a solid anti-virus program running on
their PC.  However, most folks are unaware that an anti-virus program is
not enough:  you also need good “malware” protection too.

What is malware?  Malware is malicious code (for instance, a “Trojan
Horse”) that gets installed on your computer when you visit a bad website or
unwittingly install rogue software.  This “malware” is fast becoming the
most pertinent form of computer infection.  The aim of hackers using
malware is to trick you into buying their software or capturing your keystrokes
to steal important information like credit card numbers or banking
Anti-Virus Software
The good news is that all the protection you need for both viruses and
malware is easily available online and free to download.  Yep, FREE!
While complete software suites (from vendors such as Symantec and McAfee) are
fine, this free software is just as good, so long as users stay on top of
scanning and updates.

Auburn Computer Help offers fast and complete virus removal at reasonable
rates.  We can also assist you in installing and maintaining your
anti-virus/malware protection software.

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