Windows 7: Should I upgrade?

If you’re still using Windows XP or Vista, now would be a great time to consider upgrading to Windows’ latest operating system. Windows 7 offers a vast amount of improvement over its predecessors and looks fantastic to boot.

    Among the reasons to upgrade:

Enhanced Security
Faster Performance
Increased compatibility with peripherals and hardware
More Intuitive Searching
Ease of Navigation
Simplified Networking
Stability improvements
Simple layout

If you are running a Windows XP machine now, upgrading to Windows 7 also gives you the ability to run more than 4 Gb or RAM on a 64-bit operating system. What’s this mean? It means that you can take full advantage of multi-core processors and screaming-fast performance for things like gaming, video editing, and mutli-tasking.

Windows 7 fixed some of the issues in its Vista debacle, and in our opinion, was simply done right. Windows 7 recognizes just about any piece of hardware you plug in to it and doesn’t nag you with endless security prompts like its sibling.

It’s our belief that Windows 7, teamed with a multi-core processor and ample memory, will not suffer the 2-year cycle of obsolescence we’ve seen in the past. That is to say, you won’t find yourself needing to upgrade your hardware for many years to come.

Upgrading to Windows 7 on your current computer can be accomplished in about 2 hours at our shop, or you can buy a new system and transfer your data painlessly. If you’re looking for a shot-in-the-arm in performance, we suggest Windows 7 for any business or personal user who simply wants to go faster!

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