Quickly Find Words on a Web Page

Clicking on a Google search result isn’t always the end of your quest for information. You typically have to scour the resultant web page for the key words you’re looking for. That can be very cumbersome if the site is a support forum or a page full of scrolling text.

Instead of reading an entire article, why not just quickly highlight the search term you’re wanting? CTRL+F is your answer. Within any web browser, simply click the combination of the two keys CTRL (and) F on your keyboard. A small search box will drop down (or pop up), allowing you to quickly enter the search term. As soon as you type the word, your browser will instantly highlight that very word on the web page you’re viewing.

This trick also works in many Windows applications too. Say goodbye to lengthy treasure hunts, and say hello to gettin’ ‘er done!.

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