App of The Week: DROPBOX

Have you ever found yourself out and about, wishing you had access to an important computer file? Wanting to finish that office report while sipping coffee at Starbucks? How about sharing your favorite photos with mom, without sending a monstrous email attachment?

Enter Dropbox, a free online storage utility. Dropbox allows you to create and manage folders on your home computer, then access those folders from your smart phone or public computer. It works by synchronizing your files to an online server. You log-in to the Dropbox website and–Voila–you have instant access to all your stuff. And yes, there’s an app for that on iPhones and Droids.

Dropbox also synchronizes folders across multiple PCs. Let’s say you have both a desktop computer and a laptop. If you install Dropbox on both computers, everything in one folder will be automatically synchronized to the other. You can also “share” a Dropbox folder with a friend or family member and easily send them music, photos, videos and documents by simply dropping it into your shared folder.

Sharing photos is a fantastic feature of Dropbox too. Simply place a bunch of your favorite photos into the Dropbox “photos” location, then send your friends a link. When they click the link, they will be presented with a slideshow, without having to download the photos to their local hard drive.

Dropbox has recently become a very popular way for musicians to collaborate on songs and for businesspeople to work together on important documents. The possibilities are endless and–best of all–free for all, up to 2Gb.

Finally, Dropbox is a wonderful tool for backing up your precious data. Since it works by saving files to a remote server, you can rest easy knowing that your data is always in two locations.

Give it a try today by visiting

Happy Computin’!

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