Free Software

We often load free software on our customer’s computers. The first question we typically get is “what’s the catch?” Well…there is no catch!

Believe it or not there is a rich and diverse community of software developers out there that believe that FREE and OPEN is how it should be. They belong to the “Open Source” gang that collaborate and share ideas about software development. One person or group will create a program, release it, then allow other developers to modify and improve their original work. It rests on the belief that a collective effort is better than a single-minded corporate approach.

In fact, our website was built on open-source software called Word Press. Yep–a free utility that hundreds of thousands of web developers employ.

Here’s a list of open source software that is very popular…and FREE:

FIREFOX–a great web browser

VLC–plays any multi-media file

OPEN OFFICE–a productivity suite similar to Microsoft Office

AUDACITY–used for creating and editing digital audio

HANDBRAKE–a utility used for compressing and converting video files

PDFCreator–you guessed it: it creates PDFs!

Search around and you’ll find thousands of other fine pieces of software for free. Give them a try: you won’t be disappointed. Happy Computin’!

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