Failing Hard Drive

Yikes! There’s nothing quite as precarious as a hard drive ready to die. Many times it happens slowly over time; often it happens in one quick swoop. Either way, it’s never a good thing.

The most common sign of a failing hard drive is a “clicking” sound. Your hard drive has moving parts and that clicking sound represents the internal bearings and reading “arms” beginning to break down. Another characteristic of a failing drive is slow read/write activity and strange overall behavior, many times slow access to normal programs. Finally, bad hard drives can invoke the ominous “Blue Screen Of Death” at times.

What is the life span of a typical hard drive? That’s a very tough question to answer. All electronic parts have the same capacity to fail, and it’s simply impossible to predict. However–as a general rule–you should expect at least 3-5 years of life under normal usage. Folks with very sensitive business data or photos on their hard drives should consider replacing their drives every 3 years just to be safe.

This clearly alludes to the importance of data backup. Many businesses have “mirrored” hard drives, which copy the entire contents of one drive over to another. If one drive fails, the other drive is able to take over, and there is no down-time. This is actually an affordable and viable option for home users too.

If you are interested in testing your hard drive’s health, or would like more information on data backup, give us a call. We’ll give you a free consultation and a complimentary hard drive health check.

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