App of The Week – LAUNCHY

Cleaning up your desktop and streamlining workflow is always a bonus. If there’s a way to do it quicker and simpler, I’m in!

This week we are featuring a tiny little utility called LAUNCHY. Launchy will help you get rid of all those shortcut icons you’ve amassed on your screen, and decrease the hassle of searching around your system for applications, documents, songs, anything!

Launchy is a wee-bitty little box that hides in the background. When you hit CTRL+SPACE on your keyboard, Launchy pops up. You simply type in anything and it suggests what you’re looking for. It’s amazingly quick and takes almost no system resources to run.

In all fairness, this is very similar what the Windows Vista/7 start orb does. But Launchy is a bit more efficient, very customizable, and utilizes keyboard shortcuts fantastically. And if you’re still using Windows XP, it will be a great addition to your bag of tricks. Give it a try:

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