Facebook people, Hear Ye!

Facebook is an amazing social tool, and it’s fun. Just always remember to be safe about it.

Some of the applications and games that users add to their accounts can be dodgy. Many times, you are giving that specific application express permission to see private details about your own profile as well as your friends’ profiles. Similarly, those applications may themselves contain security vulnerabilities that can be compromised by hackers.

Another cautionary tale: when you come across a friend inviting you to “Check out this video”, or some other random website, be careful. Many times that very friend has had their address book hacked, and the bad guys are trying to direct you to a website that will eventually install a virus on your computer.

No need to be paranoid–just make sure your Facebook security settings are setup properly, and be wary of things that seem out of the ordinary. Happy Facebookin’!

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