Computer Upgrades

I’ve known several friends who have given up on their old clunker PC’s and forked out big dough to buy a new system.  What some of them didn’t realize is that upgrading their existing computer may have been a better, cheaper choice.

Have you ever opened up your computer case and taken a look inside?  Many of the parts you see in there can be removed and replaced by newer and faster components. It’s not rocket science…it’s really very simple.  There are some things to learn about compatibility and what not, but most of the time you can run down to your local electronics store and buy the replacement parts right off the shelf.

Let’s say you want your video games to play faster… you can purchase a “discrete” graphics card for around $100 and pop it into your system. Do you want some surround sound speakers to play your music? Grab a high-end sound card and chuck it into a empty slot…boom. Do you simply need your computer to operate faster? Many times it’s just a matter of adding more “RAM” or “memory” to your computer. RAM is quite commonly the easiest of all upgrades, and often times the cheapest way to get better performance.


Upgrade Suggestions

  • RAM (memory)
  • Higher Capacity Hard Drive
  • Second (additional) Hard Drive
  • Video Card
  • Audio Card
  • TV Tuner
  • Dual Monitors
  • Webcam
  • Wireless Card

Whatever the case may be, upgrading is a simple process, and it may help you avoid the high cost of purchasing a new computer. If you are interested in bringing your clunker back to life, give us a call and we’ll walk you through it. Who knows, you could turn that old PC into a nice web surfing computer for the kitchen, a backup server, even a media player for your big screen TV. The possibilities are numerous…

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